Welcome to It's Your Journey!

Virtual personal training focused on your goals. Whether your goal is to become stronger & leaner or to run your first 5K. It's Your Journey will provide customized training, nutrition guidance and the accountability you need.

Customized workout plans using the equipment and time commitment you have at home is our focus. Whether you want to tone up, set a personal record at your next Marathon or lose body fat - the plan is designed specifically to your goals. 


Training plans include:​

  • Personal Trainer access

  • Customized workout plans

  • Coaching & feedback

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Weekly goal check-ins

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It's Your Journey began with a vision in 2010 to help people reach their personal health and fitness goals. Designing customized training plans based on your goals is our focus. To keep you motivated a certified personal trainer connects with you to answer your questions and provide motivation throughout your journey.