Thank You Lisa for all your help to make Ragnar McDowell Mountain a success!!


It's Your Journey Training and Lisa Ledman have really helped me to focus and prioritize. I am an avid fitness enthusiast but felt I had lost focus. I was missing my run mojo and seriously needed to get it back or my destination race was going to be lackluster and wrought with soreness and underachievement. I contacted Lisa, we discussed my goals and my barriers and she designed a plan just for me!! The plan included a weekly running and lifting schedule. Each day Lisa checked in with me to see how it was going. She applauded the small victories and helped me through the hurdles. She challenged me but didn't try to overwork me. When I experienced an injury, she helped me navigate rest and recovery. She helped me relax my mind and not stress over the minor hiccup in my training plan. Without Lisa's guidance, I would likely have pushed through the plan and suffered greater injury and a longer recovery period.

Thank You Lisa for the support and guidance!! Ragnar McDowell Mountain 2017 was a HUGE Success!

~Tara Kranke


For my second marathon, I decided that I wanted to use a trainer mostly for accountability, but also for cross training and having a schedule designed for me! Lisa provided everything that I needed and wanted out of the experience! She was very easy to work with, switched up the training to keep it interesting, and even went with the flow when I threw her a curve ball and broke my arm halfway through training! She was always easy to get in touch with and I loved my first training experience with her! I absolutely plan on using her again!

~Jan Haley 

Note: PR'd by 15 minutes with a broken arm!