Discover how to get stronger, leaner and faster

without spending hours in the gym. 





FREE 5-Day Run Stronger Challenge Starts May 17th! 

You'll create a plan to run stronger and why it matters so you're all set for success from the get-go. 
You'll feel motivated to sneak in strength training in short 15-minute sessions so you can run stronger without spending hours in the gym. 
You'll add in core exercises on-the-fly so you don't have to miss your runs due to the lack of time.
You'll avoid injury and add mobility by incorporating dynamic stretching and foam rolling to your routine. 
Hip Hip Hurray! Today you'll feel more prepared for your runs, and get after your goals to run stronger and injury-free without stepping foot in the gym. 


Meet Coach Lisa


A lot of road runners over 40 think they are past the point of improving in their sport. Luckily, I have discovered some quick things you can do to get stronger, faster and leaner. This 5-day free challenge will give you a jump-start to getting there.

I'm Coach Lisa Ledman and I'm here to help you crush your races and enjoy your sport for life.