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Virtual Greenbay Marathon - I Finished!

I finished the Greenbay Virtual Marathon a lot slower than I hoped for...but I finished. So the good news is I did really well for the first 18 miles and then it just tanked from there. I was able to run until 23.5 miles and then my calves started to tighten up and pulsate so I walked the rest of the marathon. Ended up at 6:07:37 time which is a 14 min/mi and I hoped for a 12 to 13 min/mi. This was a baseline marathon so I am okay with it - this training cycle was simply difficult. Winter was extraordinarily icy in MN and it was hard to get my long runs in properly. Thankfully...there are more races to come and I will redeem this effort!

Next week I start training for the Virtual Boston Marathon and along the way I will complete the Ely Half Marathon too! Thankfully there will be no ice or snow involved in this training cycle. My 20 week training program starts on May 24th and I am ready to get it going. I am planning to crush my goals this time!

If you want to crush your running goals consider joining my Focused on Running Fitness Facebook group or signing up for my Power Your Run 9 week program that starts June 15th.

Focused on Running Fitness

Power Your Run

I believe in following your dreams and working towards your goals every single day! Enjoy the run, ride, bike or walk. Do what you love to feel awesome each day of your life.

Coach Lisa :)

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