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The Journey to Becoming Boston Qualified

Today is the day (Nov 4, 2018) - I have started my quest to qualify for Boston. What does that mean exactly? Well for me I have to get stronger and be able to run faster. The qualifying speeds are by age group for the 2020 race are here:

My goal is to qualify with a time of less than 4 hours in a downhill or flat course by September 2022 so I can run the Boston Marathon by September 2023.

How do I do this? Work with a coach who has experience in getting people to this crazy goal - yes crazy 9 minutes 9 seconds per mile for 26.2 miles. So Jeremy Lindquist of believes I can do this - gotta give a shout out!

Why do I want this? Mostly because I want to be seen as a true athletic runner - I have always been average and I want more.

My message to all of you: Dream Big and Go For It!

Coach Lisa :)

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