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Strength Training to Crush it

As a part of my journey I am adding in strength training and plyometrics to my plan in support of my running. Too often when running 5 days a week it is easy to skip the "strength" workout. My goal to #BeBostonStrong is to gain fitness and speed on this journey resulting in my fastest marathon time yet. I find it is important to have a plan and a purpose for each workout. For example, I do my lower body strength workouts at the beginning of the week so that my legs are ready for my long runs on Saturday. I add in plyometrics and dynamic stretching before my speed work to prepare my legs to move faster.

Overall my plan consists of 2 days of strength training and 5 days of running. 60% of my run days are easy pace, 1 speed work day and a long run. Strength training days are split into Upper Body Pull and Lower Body Push exercises on one day, and Upper Body Push and Lower Body Pull on the second day. Sometimes I mix it up and put in a High Intensity Interval Workout on my Easy Run low mileage day.

I am blessed to have a pretty great gym in the house where I have all the equipment I need. It saves time and money to not have to "go to the gym" plus the shower environment is much nicer.

Last night I found out another friend is joining the journey! Linda signed up too and perhaps another friend, whom I will not name, is contemplating it. You know who you are...sign up here:

Super excited to work together on making this the best experience we can have running a Virtual marathon! Coach Lisa :)

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