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Staying on Plan while Traveling

I have known for a while that I would be in Florida from Wed to Sat this week so I made sure my coach knew it and could schedule my training runs accordingly. What's cool is that I ran in snow and sand within 1 week!

I was snowshoe running last Sunday and by Thursday morning I was running on St. Pete's Beach Florida and enjoying some glorious sunsets.

Since I told my coach in advance he scheduled my runs so that I didn't have to stress over missing them due to travel. Last week I ran a lot and this week was less - a pull back week.

I still needed to get mileage in on my feet so I was walking a lot which was great because my colleagues joined me. So this is what my schedule looked like:

Monday December 2: Treadmill interval running and conditioning 1:06 hours

Tuesday December 3: Strength Training for 1 hour

Wednesday December 4: Day off (travel day to Florida)

Thursday December 5: Walked on the beach in the dark for 45 minutes

Friday December 6: Ran 4.5 miles on the beach

Saturday December 7: Walked on the beach after class for 45 minutes

Sunday December 8: Treadmill interval running for 46 minutes goal was 55 minutes.

I did every required training. Today's session I didn't accomplish the goal. The plan was to walk 3 minutes on the TM (check did that), Jog easy pace for 7 minutes (check did that), Run 30 sec fast, 1 minute easy (6 to 8 times) with the goal of pushing from 10:30 pace up (Check did that). Then do 7 x 3 minutes speed intervals from 9:00 to 9:30 pace. I did well for the first 3 intervals and then I just lost steam, my legs started to tighten and I just didn't have the energy (could be fuel related or just exhaustion from the last few days). I finished 6 intervals that last 3 were not 3 minutes and then I just called it quits.

I wonder - would I have pushed harder if I was at the gym? Did I give up to easily? How do you get your mind to move your body even though it is tired? Speed training is a whole new world. Mindset in this work is key - I am learning.

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