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Speed work + conditioning = strength

Finally after a week of the crud I was able to get back at it! The crud actually helped my body rest and regain the fluids to run well. The road to Boston will be a long one; yet, the daily actions I take will add up to success - I am confident of that. I believe!

Last Wednesday I finally ran after being out of commission for a solid week. The first day back was interval training and I rocked it - did a 800 m in 4:42 min and a 1 km in 5:52 min. The next day was an active recovery run and it was gorgeous outside so I just ran my 4 miles without looking at my watch. The plan was to run 11:30 - 12:30 min/mi and I ended up running an average pace of 10:49 min/mi and I wasn't pushing it. Then Sunday was intervals holding a 10 min/mi pace for 4 minutes with a 1 to 2 min recovery - I ran most of those under the 10 min/mi goal. It was so exciting to see progress - then Monday came.

Monday was strength training and wow I just struggled. My body just wouldn't comply and I couldn't lift very heavy. Tuesday came for speed training and I was tired; but, I pushed through. My legs, arms and shoulders were so sore. I was thankful for rest on Wednesday and a recovery walk on Thursday. Today is Friday and my legs were still sore. I managed to get on the treadmill for a 4 miler and as I warmed up things improved. I was able to move up my speed each mile and recover nicely. Tomorrow is speed intervals - I am confident I can hit the mark because I believe.

I think the form work I am doing on Tuesdays with my coach is helping. It is so much to think about - relax, breath easy, keep your feet under the center of your body, concentrate on your cadence, move your arms with your stride and keep your hands loose and above your heart...I can't wait until these things feel natural (automatic). My 2020 word of the year is BELIEVE.

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