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Speed Training For Real?

Week 1 of BQ speed training - Wow this is different then just going out for a run and building endurance week after week. This is new territory for me. It's completely out of my comfort zone. I read the instructions in my training plan over and over again and try to to get the paces in my head - try to visualize how I will reach the required paces.

I keep thinking about my end goal - Qualify!

Then I think about the work - push it, do what the plan says, and push it! I go for it and am still not at the pace prescribed - it frustrates me and I get concerned. My brain goes to - can I do this? Am I to old? or do I just need to keep pushing my comfort zone?

This week I worked on speed for 2 days and I missed the mark at the end of each run; yet I improved my skills each time. I gave it my best shot; but eek I just couldn't stick out the assigned paces. Its all about building the strength to make the paces for the distance.

Time will tell! Mind over matter!

Its all about moving forward - learning and pushing harder and not being afraid to just put it all out there on the road or treadmill. Its scary; but so worth the work and journey.

Week 1 done - 25 weeks to my Priority Race. Let's push!

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