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Recovery Running is like Running with the Turtles

Currently I am in a recovery phase of my training to qualify for Boston. What is a recovery phase? Basically it is time off from structured training. I liken it to running like a turtle and doing other activities like biking, kayaking, swimming, walking, and strength training.

Basically the idea is to heal the body - rejuvinate it and set the stage for harder training and stronger performances to come. This phase is a great time to rekindle your love of running, find your mojo again, become leaner - focusing in more on a higher protein healthy diet and enjoy physical activities other than running.

I have been in the Recovery Phase since May 3rd and will continue in this phase until July 6th. The goal is to keep my heart rate below 150 beats per minutes (bpm) during my runs with only one interval short run (~40 minutes) a week in which I do short speed bursts and then get my heart rate back down to under 150 bpm as quickly as possible (by slowing way down or walking).

This part of the journey has not been easy. I have learned that easy runs should be slower than I usual run. How slow? Like instead of a 11:30 min/mi pace they should be at about or slower than a 13:00 min/mi pace. The rule I have learned in my research is running at 80% slower than your race pace is typically about right.

So my half marathon pace is about 10:30 min/mi which means running at a pace of about 12:30 min/mi. With the weather heating up I have had to slow down even more to about a 13:30 to 14:00 min/mi pace. I use my Garmin watch and check my heart rate often to stay below 150 bpm.

My goals for the recovery phase are the following:

  • Gain endurance

  • Acclimate to the heat

  • Lose body fat

  • Have fun doing other activities - especially biking and kayaking

  • Heal my body to be ready for the next phase

I am thankful to my coach, Jeremy Lindquist and the timing of my Recovery Phase as we each, in a very individual way, struggle with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the death of George Floyd #blacklivesmatter, #Icantbreathe, #georgefloyd we can all become better humans and serve our communities better. Everyone of us plays a role in making the lives of every person better. The roles are different which is a good thing. Because each person needs different things to be their best.

I leave you with the message I received from Brooks Running with my new running shoes.

Let's change the world one step and one breathe at a time

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