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New Kicks and Keys to Run Faster

I am in the planning phase for my Boston Virtual Race now as I taper for the Greenbay Virtual Marathon that will take place on my birthday - May 15th. The Greenbay race will provide a baseline to build on to improve my fitness in order to reach the goal time I sent for the Boston Virtual Race. New Kicks for training are definitely a must - I personally love Brooks Ghost shoes; however, they only last for about 350 miles (or 3 to 4 months) depending on my training cycle. My latest just arrived!

These kicks will get be my Spring to early Summer shoes. I always wear a half-size larger than my regular shoe size and I tie my shoes using a Racer's Loop.

Here is a short video on how to tie it so your heel is locked in. This helps prevent ankle injuries. I highly recommend it.

I am also developing my training plan based on some KEYS I am learning in the following books. This training cycle is going to be amazingly challenging and fun at the same time. Since the Boston race, if I were live, is a rolling hill race, I am going to attempt to mimic my virtual course as closely as I can to the real thing. Hill Repeats will be one KEY to my training strategy as well as responding to my body and getting in more mileage than I have in the past for marathon training.

Super excited to share my journey with all of you. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Coach Lisa

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