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Life Happens and Sometimes the Crud Wins!

I am a bit behind in my blogging - when I decided to hire a Speed coach and truly commit to BQ training I didn't expect the crud would stop my plans...but sometimes the realities of life take over and there is nothing you can do. I was so so sick - I couldn't do anything but get through the day. I went to work because I don't want to use up my sick days on a simple case of the crud. My head felt like it was a balloon and then it proceeded to my sinuses and meds/fluids/rest didn't matter....then it all moved to the chest. I am trying to qualify for Boston I don't have time to be sick!

So I didn't workout for 4 days at all. I slept, drank water, and then I went on a hike (no running just walking - pic below). I was sick - this was Sunday. I kept moving - couldn't run or lift - went to work and came home - slept. Bummer was Training Peaks (my coaches system) I was in the red...I hate being in the red. I want to be in the green. Well I couldn't be because I would get home from work and just need to eat and go to bed.

So finally this past Wednesday I felt better! I looked at what my coach, Jeremy put in training peaks and I DECIDED to CRUSH IT!

I put in my head that I could do it and I just pushed it and it was my best INTERVAL run I have ever done. It was like MADNESS. I DECIDED and CRUSHED IT!

This run gave me a different mindset - it showed me that my body can do it. So excited to see how this journey unfolds.

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