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Injury - "Just 1 Page in a Long Journey"

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I was injured over a week ago - I don't know how or why. I tried to run through it and then it just got worse. I worked with my coach - deep muscle massage therapy and it started to improve. Instead of running, I walked or hiked every day. I had some really enjoyable hikes with friends too!

To say the least I was frustrated and even mad. I was just starting to gain some ground - learning to push myself to new speeds and new levels of discomfort, getting fitter and moving closer to my Boston Qualifying Goal and just like that - Boom injury set me back.

The title of this blog post I credit to my coach, Jeremy Lindquist. When I told him I was mad he said, "It's your body - don't be mad." "It's one page in the long journey." You know what? Jeremy is exactly right - this will pass and I will make gains towards my goals of getting fitter, leaner, stronger, and most importantly when it come to a BQ faster!

My 2020 Word is Believe because I am working on developing a positive mindset, cutting out fear and negativity - I want to push myself to new levels in my sport. This little set back is not going to hold me back for long.

My 2020 word "BELIEVE" represents this quest I am on. It is the most challenging running goal I have ever set. I did it because I want to breakthrough my fears and do something that I thought my body couldn't do.

So excited to see how I progress the journey is worth a few setbacks.

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