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Don't Stop - Push Your Limits

This week was all about just getting it done. I had goals to meet for each of my runs; yet I was out of town on an Adventure with my best friend Patti. We were in the woods at Wilderness Fellowship and rented a Prayer Cabin to renew our souls and get us in gear for the new year ahead. I am working to BQ so I ran every day of our trip - and it was so awesome I loved every step - beautiful weather and awesome memories with my best friends. Love you Patti!

This horse - I call Standing Horse and Patti calls Diamond watched and made sure I did my work every day. So on January 3, I ran 3.1 miles (not on my schedule) at 11:22 pace - testing the ice on the roads. On January 4, I ran 4 miles at a 10:32 pace and felt so awesome like I was flying down those hills. Then the same day we went hiking and got lost - whew we did so many miles. My goal was to do 6 miles the next day - 3 miles, then another 3 miles with negative splits. Well I got it done - but the negative splits didn't happen - my legs were spent! I know I got the miles in though so that's a win!

Just remember to do your best - push to meet your goals and if it doesn't quite happen - work harder next time. Don't let vacation be an excuse - keep pushing - keep doing because that is what will get you to where you want be!

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