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Celebrate the Race

I believe in celebrating all the hard work of your training by making the event a special occasion and really enjoying each an every step on the course. For me a part of honoring my hard work is dressing up in character. This for me is somewhat of a ritual. I love to plan out what I am going to wear months before the race - it makes me giggle.

Goofy right? First marathon January 2017

Love sparkle skirts as they just make me happy - I think I know have 5 of them for warm weather running. The night before the race I set out Flat Lisa.

Twin Cities October 2018

Cold weather races require different attire; yet I still have fun with it. After all, I am celebrating all of my hard work.

Hot Dash 2018 Brr this race is always cold

As a middle-aged runner (now in my mid-50s) I just find it fun to act like a kid again. It is not for everyone; but for me it just brings joy!

I just started training for Grandma's marathon in June and I am already thinking about what I will wear. Ideas are always welcomed so please comment if you have one! Remember to celebrate your hard work before, during and after every race - in a way that makes you smile. After all you deserve it because you put in the time!

What do you do to celebrate your races? What rituals have you created? Would love to hear!

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