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Boston Virtual or Bust

15 weeks out from the Boston Virtual race and I am out there building my mileage. This week I ran 30 miles, this next week will be 33 miles and it will just keep building! I am excited that I was able to find a live race, Whistlestop on the same date as the Virtual Boston so I will be running it!

This will be my first live race in over 2 years and I am excited. My sister, Karleen will be there with me and we are going to have a lot of fun!

My goal is to crush this race - set a new PR and move close to actually qualifying for a BQ which is still my plan!

So yes, I can say I am in training for Boston! Virtual this year and hopefully live one day. One thing I am doing differently to move the needle is running more weekly miles (upping my mileage each week by 10% and planning to maintain more mileage going forward), as well as adding speed and hill work, strength training, and focusing in on my nutrition to heightened levels.

This week was awesome as I ran 5 days in a row and really focused in on getting the mileage in. More running next week, adding mobility and strength training and eating healthy all week!

This snowshoe hare can't beat me because I got this!

Nothing is going to stop me - not even these cemetery deer...they can watch but they can't stop me!

Running with a purpose and joy!

Coach Lisa

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