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Beyond Injury and Hairy Audacious Goals

Finally I am back at it in full force. My knee injury has healed and I am feeling pretty great! Winter running always has its challenges - wind, ice, and snow. I ran this 10 miler and felt great; but, the wind got stronger and stronger as I ran slowing me down. It's fine it is a training run after all. It is all about getting out there and being consistent. Setting your mind to reach the training plan for the day and doing your best. Some days will be better than others; but overtime you will build the strength and speed to reach your goals.

This is a pretty big goal I have set and yes, sometimes my mind says - you are crazy this is just not possible at this age. And sometimes other people tell you this too - and that is simply discouraging and not helpful. It is best to cheer people on and support them rather then to bring them down. I read up on what's possible and what is not. I know this is a huge goal; but, I am committed to keep working on it and I am consistent so for now I plan on reaching it! I am getting faster and more comfortable with being uncomfortable in my training which is exhilarating in itself. My body can accomplish more than I can imagine so I will keep pushing the envelope and helping others to do the same.

Lastly - nutrition while running is key. Finding what works for you is super important. I have a super sensitive stomach due to my collagenous colitis so I have to be super careful about when I eat before a long run. I eat 2 to 3 hours before I hit the road. Typically, steel cut oatmeal with some brown sugar and banana. Recently I have added a bagel as well. I am now testing some new during the long run nutrition items. Honey stingers and Skratch. My review - honey stingers free up and I can't chew them - so I worry about melting when it is hot. I prefer pretzels and swedish fish candy. Skratch worked fine; but, I think I prefer the flavor of Glukos products - both were okay on my sensitive stomach. I can't do gels, tailwind or nunn - my stomach just can't handle it. So there you go a review of long run nutrition. I typically take nutrition every 30 to 40 minutes to keep my engine going.

That's it - I know it has been a while. I hope you enjoyed it!

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