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I am starting my Boston Dream up as I decided to do the Virtual Boston Marathon to celebrate 125 years of Boston Strong! Some may say this is not true to the "ideal" of Boston Marathoners; however, I see it as an opening up and enlightenment of sorts for more inclusivity to the very "exclusive" Boston Marathon only available to the "elite" runners and the amazing "fund raisers". My dream is still to reach the "elite" status and Go Live one day in Boston; however for now I keep developing the skills and this opportunity is both motivating and inspiring.

I am taking this virtual race very seriously and setting a high goal of attainment. My goal is to run this Virtual race on rolling hills in less than 5 hours. Instead of focusing in on the end goal my plan is to focus in on what I am doing every day to prepare my mind, body and spirit to run like I have never been able to before. The actions I am taking are: 1. Reading/Devotions and giving thanks to my Savior 2. Journaling my experience on my Blog - yes right here every day! 3. Drinking 80 ounces or more a day of water 4. Doing my planned workouts (Runs, Strength, HITT) 5. Tracking my nutrition (Macro/Calorie goal) 6. Progress photos and measurements weekly

I believe it is all about getting 1% Better Everyday. Yes, I may miss a few days as life happens; but, consistency and learning are the keys to success. It is time to rock it!

'Til tomorrow! Coach Lisa :)

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