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Back to Speedy Work!

I just finished up a 9-week recovery period and now it is time to ramp it all up. Hit the road hard with speed work and adding volume. I ran a baseline 5K established at a pace of 31:56. I felt good about it given I have not been working on speed for a while.

I just want to say it is fun to just take some time off to find your joy in running again. To really dig into your why for running. I even wrote a bit about it you might enjoy.

My focus is to BQ - I am a year into my 3 year plan, so its time to ramp it up! Literally.

Here's a sample

Week 1: Ramp up for 30 minutes with six 15 minute striders (pushing it) on Monday & Tuesday, Strength training on Wednesday designed for runners - clam shells, bridges, mobility work, etc... Thursday a day to recover (stretching, mobility, flexiblity), Friday 3 x 1 mile at threshold pace, Saturday - I ran a 5K as fast as I could go (31:57), and Sunday 40 minute recovery run.

Here is some interesting data:

July 2 - July 8 21.8 miles ran

July 9 - July 15 20.4 miles ran

July 16 - July 22 23.9 miles ran

When back in full force training - fueling my body properly is so important! Drinking water (yes, lots of water - at least 100 ounces a day), eating fruit (wild blueberries - yum), hitting 140g of protein (not easy; but doable) and getting my carbs in - so I made some homemade Garlic and Herb bread. Avocado Toast in the morning is the bomb! Jasmine rice with pork or chicken - seasonings & veggies. I use Frank's Redhot Stinging Honey Garlic Sauce - I find this at Walmart.

So on the speed front pretty excited that my my striders are improving. So each week I have been doing a 30 - 36 minute Ramp Up - which means, increasing my speed every 10-12 minutes, then I do 15 second striders (run as fast as I can for 15 seconds), then do 3 minutes of recovery. What's exciting is my striders are getting faster each time!

Strider Stats - note this includes ramp up and recovery:

1st Attempt: 53:09 Minutes, 4.34 miles Pace: 12:23 min/mi

2nd Attempt: 53.46 Minutes, 4.32 miles Pace: 12:38 min/mi

3rd Attempt: 53:00 Minutes, 4.50 miles Pace: 11:78 min/mi

4th Attempt: 52:30 Minutes, 4.42 miles Pace: 11:83 min/mi

5th Attempt: 60:00 Minutes, 5:04 miles Pace: 11:55 min/mi

Here was my cadence for today! Felt so good. Pushed my Striders!

What I love is that the data says I am getting faster. Tracking it in my running journal is so motivating! Having a goal is key. So my goal is:

I will run a 5K under 30 minutes by August 16th. I so got this! No races - who cares? I have goals. Do you? Join my Facebook group if you do: Focused on Running Fitness.

Excited to see what's next! Let's run! If you are interested in coaching email me at I have room for 3 private clients!

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