• Coach Lisa

A Whole New World

Wow life was different in February. I was going to work every day, coming home to do my workout or going to the gym, going to see dad and living life as normal. Busy; but good. Covid-19 has changed my life and my schedule.

My goal race, Hot Dash was scheduled for March 21st, it was cancelled. So I decided to just do it anyway. I did it solo in my neighborhood and I really treated it as a race. I pushed, I pushed as hard as I could. I ended up with an average pace of 10:33 according to my Garmin for 10 miles. In January, my quarter marathon was recorded at a 10:41 pace so I have made progress. I will say that I still struggle with the last few miles - my cadence is good; but my pace slows.

I am still training hard and working on losing body fat and weight. I have lost approximately 6 lbs since February 17th by eating less carbs and more protein. I am now starting to track my food in My Fitness Pal with a goal of losing 3 to 5 lbs a month until I am at a weight I feel I can sustain. I know losing fat/weight will help me get faster. I journal my workouts and progress because it helps me stay the course. I know that willpower and motivation alone are not enough. I have to DECIDE each and everyday to take ACTION. I reflect on my progress and try to do better each day. I am totally not perfect at all; but, I try as an athlete to push to be better!

During this time of uncertainty I wish for all of you God's grace, love and the joy of his creation. Get outdoors and enjoy his wonders. Use this time to connect with your family, to take time in nature and to love and be patient with each other. This is truly a challenging time - don't let go of your goals, keep pursuing your goals and your passions.

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