Spring Personal Records (PRs) are Built in the Kitchen. 


Join us inside this Free 5-Day Challenge to focus on eating to move better.

Let's go after that Spring PR now by committing to eating well all winter long. 


Here's what you'll get inside this FREE 5-Day Eat to Move Challenge:


Day 1: You'll observe how your body reacts to the fuel you give it so you can choose foods that boost      your energy.

Day 2: You'll learn how to fuel your body with the right quantity and quality foods so you will feel satisfied and balanced.

Day 3: You'll learn how important water is for your health and performance so you recover faster, cramp less, and experience fewer injuries.

Day 4: You'll learn how eating healthy is as important as your physical training so you have enough fuel for you body to move, recover, and become leaner and stronger.

Day 5: Let's celebrate and learn a bit more on how to eat for energy and balance so you have the tools you need to keep your body moving, healthy and happy this holiday season. 


Meet Coach Lisa


A lot of runners struggle and lose ground in the winter. Luckily, I have discovered some quick things you can do to eat well as Spring PRs are made both in the kitchen and in the winter. This 5-day free challenge will give you a jump-start to fuel your body well this winter so you go into spring ready to run at your best! 

I'm Coach Lisa Ledman and I'm here to help you crush your races and enjoy your sport for life.